Experience the Finnish archipelago in all its grandeur

Rent a cottage in the heart of the archipelago, only a couple of hours' journey from Helsinki!


Our rental cottages Villa and Lilla Lönnviken belong to a former fishing farm on the island of Pettu, in the southwestern archipelago. The rental cottage Meri-Veikko lies on the same island. Pettu island is only a couple of hours away from Helsinki by car and a few minutes by ferry from the main land.

Pettu is a forestry island, approximately 6 km long and 3 km wide, with great natural beauty. The water around it is the Archipelago Sea, part of the Baltic.

Fishing is a popular sport here. Every cottage has a rowboat for free use and you can rent a small outboard motor for the row boat, if you like. Sauna, swimming, boating, fishing and walking in the forests, picking mushrooms and berries are some of our attractions. Not too far from us there are also many interesting places and sights to visit during your holiday.

Our cottages have a genuine archipelago atmosphere – both inside and outside. The cottages are well kept and tidy. Modern comfort combined with traditional look. All the cottages have a sunny location, facing the sea in the

Additional services

Fishing accommodation that meets high quality demands

Lönnviken is a comfortable base for the sport fishermen all round the year. Our cottages offer well- equipped kitchens, cozy living rooms, wood heated saunas and comfortable beds. After a relaxing sauna bath and a good night´s sleep in a comfortable bed it is a pleasure to steer the boat to the best fishing spots. Also the small log cabin Meri-Veikko has a good accommodation standard and is suitable for 1-2 fishermen.

Boat trips by m/s Disa

Ms/Disa is an 8 meter long motorboat, for 2-6 persons

Our location

Lönnviken is located 100 km southeast of Turku, on the island of Petu, which is part of the Särkisalo archipelago, and can be reached by car. On the way to the cabin, there is a short, approx. 5-minute journey to the castle. The nearest body of water is the Archipelago Sea, approx. 50 m from the house.


Railroad 50 km
Airport 90 km
Bus-stop 8 km
Summer café 3 km
Summer restaurant 5 km
Bar 15 km
Conveneince store 15 km
Gas station 8 km
Nearest neighbour 10 m
(Owners art studio with own yard and road)