Ateljee Helena


Ateljee Helena is my (Helena Sundberg) studio, exhibition room and home. I have a watercolor exhibition in summer starting around midsummer. There will be more info about the open hours 2023 on Facebook and other info channels.

About my art

From 1990 I have painted seascape and still life in watercolor with the “wet on wet” technique, which means painting with wet color on wet surface. I painted outdoors whenever the weather allowed it. Painting outdoors made me focus on light and color and atmosphere and on simplifying the subject. Apart from painting I have also taught water color painting.

2016 I felt like I was “done” with the landcape. For some time I was fascinated by abstract painting. Often, the abstract watercolors, too, were based on an experience of nature. In 2018-19 I was studying various techniques in art in a folk high school in Tuusula. I was struggling to find a
way out of representation.

As a reaction to these experiments I was fascinated by painting wild flowers in watercolor in summer 2019 and 2020. The frail beauty of the wild flowers appealed to me. In order to be able to paint the flowers so that they would be recognizable, I gave up my former technique of “wet on wet”. I was now using large sheets (76 x 56 cm) of watercolor paper with smooth surface that allowed me to paint details.

After a few gap years I will continue painting wild flowers this spring and summer 2023. The results of this process will be on show in Ateljee Helena in summer. My dream is to present my watercolors of the wild flowers in Pettu in a book, seasoned with stories of my experience of them in the past and at present , when they all seem to vanish in the mouths of the deer animals that have had an explosive growth on the island.

Upcoming courses

An appreciated long line ceramist Atta Uotila will have a week end course in ceramics in my studio 1-3.9. 2023. No previous experience is expected. The organizer is Tarja Kallio The program has not yet been published, but if you are interested, you may contact Tarja or me or call or send an sms 0400744312.
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